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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Iron Gym Door Gym Bar

 Iron Gym Door Gym Bar

Doorway Gym Exercise Bar Pull-up Max 192kg

Product Description:

*Heavy Duty Chrome Plated Steel Bar w/foam handles grips for comfort
*Adjustable from 82cm-130cm
*Support up to 192kg
*Includes All Doorway mounting hardware & support brackets
*Compatible with almost any door frame
*Can be easily set up
*Allows you to workout in the convenience of your own home
*Lightweight for Easy Transportation
*Foam pads provides secure and comfortable grip
*Includes exercise instructions
*Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use
*Easy to Maintain and Keep Clean
*Effectively perform pull-ups, chin-ups or crunches when mounted near the floor



Sunday, May 4, 2014



Appropriate temperature breast milk for the baby to drink, freed from the tedious process of warm milk This warm milk has the following characteristics: the use of advanced and efficient heating technology, rapid heating, precisethermostat to automatically adjust to her mother.

For heating different types of baby bottles and baby food, such as:milk, porridge, rice cereal. The heating temperature is controlled within the range of 35 c - 45 c.
Ensure food doesnot transition boiling, does not destroy the food's original nutrition.
The delicate structure of the warm milk, easy to carry, easy to clean, the shell is non-toxic plastic, so you and your baby safe for use.

Automatic heating, automatic thermostat, over temperature protection function to facilitate the baby is ready to drink; very convenient, fast!
For bottles of 5.5 cm in diameter. General bottle applicable, pay attention to the wide-mouth bottle is not to apply


*Have the appropriate and fit temperature for your baby's food and drinks
*Heating controlled within the range of 35 - 45 degrees Celsius of baby bottles and baby food, such as :milk, porridge, rice, and cereal
*Ensure food does not transition boiling, does not destroy the food's nutritional value
*Very convenient and fast
*Automatic heating, automatic thermostat and over temperature protection function to facilitate the baby ready to drink
*Compatible with bottles 5.5 cm in diameter
*Voltage: 110-220 V
*Size: 12.5 cm x 11cm x 8cm
*Weight: 0.3 kg
*Material: ABS electronic original


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Manual Twisted Potato Slicer

Manual Twisted Potato Slicer

Ideal for pasar malam, food stall, canteens, fast food shops, restaurants and commercial kitchens.
*Manual operation
*Sharp slicing blade
*Clockwise operation
*Non-slip rubber feet
*Distance adjustment shaft
*Stainless steel body
*Easy to clean
*Simple operation


Friday, May 2, 2014

Index Family Pool

Index Family Pool

*Free: Electronic Pump
*Dimensions:229cm x 229cm x 66cm
*Great family sized with 4 built-in seats with backrests for lounging or supervising children
*Pre-tested vinyl with extra wide horizontal I-beam sidewalls for sitting or lounging
*Inflates with ordinary high volume hand or foot pump
*Folds compactly for travel or storage
*Convenient drain plug in floor
*For ages 3 years and above

HARGA RM249.90 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mini Foldable Treadmill

Mini Foldable Treadmill


*Sleek, sturdy and comfortable home use treadmill
*Easy to use and space efficient
*Foldable and portable
*Measurement instrument

Spirited nimble legs will sure come in handy when psychotic exes comes hopping back to you.
Foldable and portable, this sprint machine is space efficient making storing 
a non-hassle activity especially in narrow properties -  a little brisk running is possible anytime, anywhere. 

HARGA RM259.00