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Saturday, September 27, 2014



* Kain cotton yg lembut dan sejuk. 
* Fangnaier arang buluh alami serat basah pakaian magic mengikut 
kesesuaian dan diterima pakai perlindungan alam sekitar yang unik 
antarabangsa kain buluh alami antibakteria. 
* Pengenalan peralatan canggih seamlessily tenun kain yang selesa. 
* Pakaian arang buluh ajaib kaya serat mengandung infrared. 
* Boleh membentuk tubuh dan meningkatkan metabolisme manusia dan kecantikan kulit antibakteria. 
* Membuat tubuh badan yg menawan, sehingga anda akan terasa kehidupan yang sihat dan indah. 
*Sangat selesa di pakai. 4 fungsi utama utk mdapat bentuk tubuh yang sempurna: 

1) menjadikan payudara yg sempurna dan menarik. 
2) mengencangkan perut – perut rata, pengetatan pinggang, pinggang ramping. 
3) menjadikan punggung dlm bentuk yg lebih fleksibel. 
4) membentukkan peha yg lebih ideal. 

SAIZ: (S-M) & (L-XL) 

Harga Sepasang  RM35.00

Friday, September 19, 2014


Anda ada masalah seperti di bawah:

1. Perut Buncit, Peha Besar, Punggung Besar..

2. Susah nak cari Body Shaper Saiz Besar..

3. Masalah bawah lengan..

4. Perut geleber,..

5, Breast berlebihan di tepi..

6. Lepas bersalin badan makin naik..
Sauna Suit+3 keping pemanas FIR, Pemanas FIR boleh di letak kan pada bawah lengan, belakang kiri or kanan peha, lutut, perut, dan belakang badan anda..semakin lama pakai semakin panas..
Fungsi Pemanas FIR untuk melancarkan peredaran darah, caj-caj ion negatif dari FIR memberi manfaat pada organ dalaman & membakar lemak part2 badan yang berlebihan..
Pakai Sauna Suit setiap hari untuk kesan maksimum..Material spandex teknologi terkini, tidak menekan badan tidak sakitkan badan anda, anda akan rasa selesa, memerangkap haba untuk proses pembentukan badan..
FREE saiz S-XXL..punggung hingga 46 inci..pinggang hingga 42 inci..

Harga:  RM99.00
NOW :  RM39.90 ONLY!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dreamfarm Smood

Dreamfarm Smood
Smooth fluffy mashed potato is one of the modern holy grail of foods. Don't bother with complicated methods, now there is an easier way to get fresh, hot, mashed potato. This funky Smood masher uses an innovative coiled design to produce exceptional mash time and time again.
Plus, with its simple, recoiling action, you wont damage your wrists by jarring them against the bottom of the pan. And a soft, multi grip handle allows you to get a comfortable, ergonomic grip from whatever angle you need.
Smoods revolutionary design is capped off by a groovy silicone scraper attached to the bottom. It helps you mash and, when youre ready to serve, lets you scrape the pan clean saving you time and energy.
Craving delicious mash? Smood it out, with Dreamfarm.

*Designed in Australia
*Created from stainless steel, with a soft resin handle
*Multi-grip handle design allows you to get a comfortable grip from a range of different hand positions
*Easily creates exceptionally smooth mash by forcing it through the collapsing spring coils
*Handy silicone scraper is heat resistant to 260?C and makes it easy to scrape the pot clean
*Spring design reduces jarring injury to wrists
*Top rack dishwasher safe


Monday, September 8, 2014



The far infrared rays, also called the fertile ray, is part of rays of the sun. 
Its wavelength is closed to that of the human body's, 
and produces resonace vibration of magnetic wave 
with the human body by means of it, thus, 
it is of great help to the health of the human body. 

Who is necessary to wear tourmaline shaper? 

1. Postpartum lady, buttocks prolase and who has extra fat in waist and thigh. 
2. Office lady who always use computer, lack of exercise. 
3. Ladies who want to keep slim shape 
4. Ladies who always feel waist soreness and abdominal pain. 

Many women try to obtain the perfect figure with diet and exercise. 
But some areas such as our stomach just 
will not lose the extra weight that we want it to.
Now there is a great undergarment called the slimming vest top body shaper 
which will make you look slimmer and trimmer underneath of any clothes comfortably. 


Promoting blood circulation, activating cells, and speeding up metabolism. 
Burning excess fats, consuming extra calories, and shaping attractive curves. 
Regulating autonomic nerves, and eliminating fatigue raidly. 
Made from soft comfort nylon and spandex Seamless 
design provides all over smooth appearance 
No hooks & eyes and no additional bones 
Ensure you wear more comfortable Breathable 
fabric keeps you all day cool and dry 
Ensures that you feel comfort all day long 
Super firm control gives you an instant slimming effect 
Additional far infrared rays dots for slimming healthier 
Molds and shapes your waist line and back for smooth look 
Front open bust and high back support helps to form good posture 
Easy to put on and take off 
Perfect to wear with any fashion clothes 
Suitable for the people whose weight is below 165 LB More details: 
Materials: 15% Tourmalin+70% Nylon+15% Spandex 
Color: Coklat/Skin Color Size: 
One size fit most 

Harga Seunit RM80.00 

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


1) Non-chemical, pesticide and scent free -  

This greatly reduces Indoor Pollution caused by insect killer sprays 

2) Special light lures mosquitoes to the trap -  ensures effective insect killing 
3) High DC voltage netting kills the mosquitoes -  no hassle and kills automatically 
4) Low power consumption and soft light acts as decorative light 
5) Can work continuously for 24 hours for maximum effect - 
    extends tube life 6) Saiz 13cm x 13cm x 28.5cm 

Harga Seunit RM32 
Termasuk Kos Poslaju