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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dreamfarm Smood

Dreamfarm Smood
Smooth fluffy mashed potato is one of the modern holy grail of foods. Don't bother with complicated methods, now there is an easier way to get fresh, hot, mashed potato. This funky Smood masher uses an innovative coiled design to produce exceptional mash time and time again.
Plus, with its simple, recoiling action, you wont damage your wrists by jarring them against the bottom of the pan. And a soft, multi grip handle allows you to get a comfortable, ergonomic grip from whatever angle you need.
Smoods revolutionary design is capped off by a groovy silicone scraper attached to the bottom. It helps you mash and, when youre ready to serve, lets you scrape the pan clean saving you time and energy.
Craving delicious mash? Smood it out, with Dreamfarm.

*Designed in Australia
*Created from stainless steel, with a soft resin handle
*Multi-grip handle design allows you to get a comfortable grip from a range of different hand positions
*Easily creates exceptionally smooth mash by forcing it through the collapsing spring coils
*Handy silicone scraper is heat resistant to 260?C and makes it easy to scrape the pot clean
*Spring design reduces jarring injury to wrists
*Top rack dishwasher safe


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