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Friday, October 3, 2014

Adjustable Slimming Belt

Helps flatten & shape abs

Made of soft durable neoprene

Stretchy Neoprene material for heat retention, elasticity & comfort

Evapo-wrap fabric seals in body heat to help you lose water weight, especially during exercise

Provides excellent back support

Sauna Action! Helps shed excess water as you exercise
Wear alone to boost workout benefits
Wear over clothes to instantly slim stomach & shape abs
Fits waist sizes from 30" to 50"
5 zippers to accomodate smaller waist sizes as you slim down
5th Zipper fits 50" Waist
4th Zipper fits 46" Waist
3rd Zipper fits 40" Waist
2nd Zipper fits 36" Waist
1st Zipper fits 30" Waist
Use for Men & Women

HARGA: RM37.00

NOW RM29.90

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