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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Magic Bullet Food Processor

*Power:250W,50HZ,220V-240V 110V-120V is available
*Function:Juicer;Blender;Grinder;Soybean milk;Ice crusher

*1 High Torque Base
*1 Stainless steel cross blade & 1Stainless steel flat blade
*1 Tall cup & 1Short cup
*4 Mugs with 4 comfort lip rings 
*2Stay fresh re-sealable lid tops;

*2Shaker/Steamer lid Tops

1:Choose knife:when processing,please choose the knife with food match,in orde to achieve the best effect.Crushing rice, soybeans, dates of dried fruit such as achieve the,best effect.Crushing rice, soybeans, dates of dried fruit such as type knife.Crushed , vegetables, fruit, ice and processing of beans

2:Choose cups: The selection process and how much in line with the food processing, cup, Dry grinding choose small cup, When processing beans paddle, Please use paddle ,cup beans.

3:In choose cup join need of food processing, Then combined with the knife, fully tighten.

4: When processing beans paddle, Paddle first bean at the bottom of the cup good + knife, Then put the filter in the cup, cover large big cover, great cover from the middle of adding a good soaking soybeans, transparent cover small cover.

5: Connect the power cable.

6: The food cups installed, on the host, force in accordance with, began to promote the work of the host tool, continuous operation, press and hold the cup, clockwise to lock the switch continuously.

7: After when the food processing, hold down the opposite way and start the cup,according to a turning counterclockwise, cup will pop up

HARGA: RM140.00

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