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Wednesday, February 18, 2015



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Tuesday, February 17, 2015



Easy Carry Lightweight Inflatable Car Air Bed Mattress for Back Seat for Travle/Camping!

The backseat car air bed is an inflatable mattress that you can fit perfectly into the back seat of your car and sleep comfortably instead of sleeping on the small amount of room the back seat of your car usually provides. The car air bed is specially used inside the car. Most of the cars can be used. Then main purpose is to provide people with a comfortable sleeping in the space. It's particulary applicable to the following people or the situation: Children, Mom & infant, all kinds of long distance driving, outdoor activities, couples.

Product Features:
  • Brand new and high quality
  • Durable to use
  • Able to support up to 300kg
  • Dimension:
    • Inflated Mattress Size: Approx: 140(L)*86(W)*8(T) cm
    • Inflated foot Pad Size: Approx: 130(L)*24(W)*29(H) cm

HARGA RM188.00

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Water Spraying Mop

Save more and waste less with the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop. The thick microfiber pad is washable and reusable so that you never have to run to the store for refills when you are getting ready to clean. Simply fill the bottle with hot water and two teaspoons of your favorite cleaning solution and you are ready to mop. The Reveal Spray Mop also features a non-scratch scrubbing pad to loosen stubborn spots.

Ergonomically designed bottle is easy to remove and insert with one hand. Extra wide base makes for stable counter top filling and extra wide fill opening makes it easy to mix in xhemicals as well as fill under a sink.



Wednesday, February 11, 2015

4 in 1 portable sewing mechine

Introducing a light weight, compact and portable electric sewing machine,
ideal for all your sewing needs.
You will love this electric sewing machine!

Quickly mends slipcovers, sews in zippers, fast alterations, and is ideal for all fabrics, providing double threaded sewing creating firm stitches. With the electric sewing machine you can sew, cut, and mend with ease without dragging out your bulky sewing machine. The Best Sewing Machine has been conveniently designed so you can easily carry it to sew, mend or repair all around the house. This affordable Sewing Machine offers a durable lockstitch for any mending project. Its cordless design lets you take the sewing machine to the project and it sews through all kinds of fabric, from silk to denim.

This machine has an in-build FOOT PEDAL, which allows both your hands to used Freely & Comfortably.
It also involves lamp in the machine head, which supplies adequate light for night sewing. The machine has unique feature of rewinding device because it allows easy replacement of bottom bobbin and large spool. The machine is offered with per-threaded sews in a durable chain locking switch.
This Sewing Machine comes complete with everything you need to get started.


KINI RM65.00

Multi-Function Sewing Maching HL-508

12 Stitches Mini Sewing Machine With Built-in Sewing Light

*Double thread,double speed
*Featuring 12 built-in stitch patterns
*Forward and reverse sewing
*Automatic thread rewind
*Sewing sleeves
*Drawer included
*Use hand switch or foot pedal to start
*One-step button sewing
*Four-step button hole sewing
*Built-in sewing light
*Includes thread cutter
*Uses DC 6V power  


*Double thread, double speed
*Featuring 12 built-in stitch patterns
*Forward and reverse sewing
*Automatic thread rewind
*Sews sleeves
*Drawer included
*Use hand switch or foot pedal to start

HARGA RM229.00

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Waffle Maker

 Waffle Maker

*Makes various kinds of waffle in quick time - About 5 minutes
*Non-stick surface - Easy to clean
*Light and tone indicators tell when device is ready or baking is finished
*Portable and easy
Waffle Maker

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Electric And Barbecue Grill

  • 1000W electric grill with quick heat transfer around rack for faster grilling.
  • Durable stainless steel rack, suitable for indoor use. 
  • Includes non-stick pans for easy cooking and cleaning.
  • Free delivery to Peninsular Malaysia.
Product specifications
  • Power: 1000w
  • Voltage: 220V 50Hz
  • Dimensions: 46cm (L)  x 20.8cm (W) x 11cm (H)
    - Body: 44.5cm (L) x 14cm (W) x 11cm (H)
    - Large grill plate: 17.5cm (L)  x 13cm (W) x 1.5cm (H)
    - Small grill plate: 8.5cm (L) x 10cm (W) x 1.5cm (H)
    - Grill net: 46cm (L) x 13cm (W)
    - Hand-held grill plate (2 units): 8cm (L) x 3.5cm (W)
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Colour: black
  • Light and portable
  • Clean and smokeless grilling
  • Durable stainless steel heating element
  • Non-stick pans with heat-resistant grips
  • Comes with an oil plate under the grill
  • On-off switch for safety control

Colour: black

Light and portable

Clean and smokeless grilling

Durable stainless steel heating element
Non-stick pans with heat-resistant grips
Comes with an oil plate under the grill
On-off switch for safety control

HARGA BIASA : RM199.00  



Sunday, February 8, 2015

Paint Zoom

FREE GIFT + ORIGINAL DIY Paint Zoom Electric 3 Way Spray Gun System

Condition: Brand New
Color : Blue
Features :
  • Ultra light and portable
  • On/Off switch
  • HVLP (high volume/low pressure) air technology for 100% coverage with minimum over spray and maximum control.
  • Electric paint spray system for a professional finish
  • Advanced, easy-to-use technology
  • 3 spray settings: vertical, horizontal and circular jet
  • Works from any angle
  • Configure carrying strap for easy carrying and operation
  • No drip application for easy cleanup
  • Can be used to spray paint, lacquer and varnish
  • Professional spray system paints 15m² in 10 minutes
  • This product is high-power electrical appliance, so it is inevitable to produce the big sound which is about 80 DB
  • can be used for brick,cement,stucco, wood,smooth surfaces.indoor and outdoor furniture and interior and exterior and other decor spraying.

Specifications :
  • Input Voltage: AC 220V-50Hz
  • Power consumption: 650W
  • Atomizing Output: 105W
  • Container Volume: 800mL
  • Flexible-hose length: 1.5m
  • Motor speed r.p.m.: 32,000 rpm
  • Max. Viscosity: 130 DIN-Secs

Package includes
  • Main unit
  • Tube
  • Carrying strap
  • Viscosity measuring cup
  • Spray gun
  • Paint container
  • Cleaning clip
  • Owner manual

Suitable use in.
  • Brick
  • Cement
  • Stucco
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Rough, Curved & Smooth Surfaces
  • Fences
  • Indoor & Outdoor Furniture
  • Interior & Exterior Walls
HARGA RM159.00

Eco Paint Zoom

*Advanced,easy to use technology
*For home use
*Saves paint by precisely regulating the amount of paint to be sprayed
*Spray can be adjusted to ensure even paint application
*3 Spray setting : vertical,horitical and circular jet
*works from any angle
*Fast,light and easy to carry and clean
*No drips
*Can be used to spray paint,lacquer and clean
*Can be used on brick,cement,stucco,wood and glass;rough,curved and smooth surfaces;fences;indoor and outdoor furniture and interior and exteriur walls.

The set includes
*Main unit
*Carrying Strap
*Viscosity measuring cup
*Metal spray gun
*Aluminum paint container

Technical specifications
*Voltage 230~240v;50-60Hz
*Power consumption 700w
*Atomizing output 105w
*Container capacity 800ml
*Hose length 1.5m
*Maximum viscosity 120din-secs
*Motor speed 3200rpm

Harga RM189.00

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Health Waist Losing Weight Belt


* Produk yang selamat dan boleh dipercayai dengan 12V DC bekalan kuasa
* Frekuensi tinggi bergetar urut boleh mempercepatkan kitar semula darah, biarkan
pergerakan lemak dan hasil untuk pinggang langsing
* Medan magnet berkuasa boleh melaraskan imbangan badan, meningkatkan
kitaran mikro
* Kulit akan menjadi lebih kuat dan langsing

Norma Price : RM199.00
free postage semenanjung

Friday, February 6, 2015



Buy Six Pack Care Exercise Bench at the best price. The Six Pack Care exercise bench is a new and revolutionary fitness system to work out your upper, lower and middle abdominals, even the sides. The Six Pack Care exercise bench helps you have the body you've always dreamt of. Simply use the Six Pack Care exercise bench for a few minutes per day and make the exercises to strengthen your abdominals.
The Six Pack Care exercise bench is very useful to shape your abdominals. With abdominal exercises you can strengthen your cire or just reduce your waist by some centimetres. The Six Pack Care exercise bench is designed to provide the best service with minimum space. The Six Pack Care exercise bench uses its rolls to provide a massage while you exercise and shape your body. You can also use the Six Pack Care exercise bench to do press-ups thanks to its central handles.

The Six Pack Care exercise bench allow you to rest your head and neck comfortably while the rolls provide you with a light massage every time you exercise. This system is more than twice as effective as doing regular sit-ups on the floor. The Six Pack Care back can adopt up to 3 tilting positions, so you can practise sit-up exercises with different difficulty levels.

The Six Pack Care exercise bench features two chest expanders so you can strengthen your arms, upper muscles and back. You can also do exercises to work out your oblique muscles thanks to its 360 rotating seat.

 HARGA RN249.00 Only
Free Postage (produk semenanjung ONLY)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Happycall Pan

Happy Call Double Pan 32 Cm Asli Murah adalah alat masak yang istimewa. Kelebihannya adalah:

– bisa untuk memasak segala jenis masakan
– lebih mudah dalam pemakaian
– makanan lebih higienis
– lebih mudah dibersihkan karena lapisan anti lengket
– dilengkapi dengan seal anti tumpah
– hasil masakan yang lebih sempurna
– Lebih cepat dalam memasak sehingga menghemat gas
– panas yang dihasilkan lebih merata


Happy Call Double Pan 32 Cm

– dilengkapi seal anti tumpah [Bonus 1 seal cadangan]
– ada no. patent di gagang
– list lingkaran HAPPY CALL DOUBLE PAN 1
Happy Call Double Pan 32 Cm Asli Murah  memiliki 2 sisi permukaan untuk memasak.  Dilengkapi dengan Silicone Seal sehingga saat memasak makanan tidak akan tumpah.
Hasil optimal, olahan ikan dan daging terasa lembut di dalam crispy di luar.
Gagang bermagnetic hingga 4000 gauss.
Menghasilkan pressure tinggi, dengan proses masak lebih cepat 30-40% .
Happy Call Double Pan 32  cocok sekali untuk:
– Memanggang ikan, udang, aneka seafood, steak, sate/kebab, martabak, pizza, bolu lapis piramid.
_ Menumis sayuran dalam 2 menit.
– Mengukus kue mangkok, bugis.
– Mengolah nasi goreng dari beras hingga popcorn dengan sempurna.
Dengan menggunakan Happy Call Double Pan 32cm Asli Murah, Anda akan merasakan beberapa keuntungan yaitu:
Dapur bersih bebas percikan minyak, asap dan bau menyengat.Dilengkapi dengan 7 lapisan keramik spesial ceratinum coating menjadikan permukaan bebas lengket, hanya membutuhkan sedikit minyak. Kuat dan tahan lama serta mudah dibersihkan.
Mengatasi problem memasak ikan (tanpa kesulitan membalik ikan) .
Sajian lebih nikmat dan kaya gizi.
 photo hepycall2_zps87dfd2e3.png
HARGA RM110.00