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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Healthy Mincer


Gone are the chunky, clunky and cumbersome kitchen
knives! Slice, chop, dice and mince your
ingredients at top speed with this Mini Mincer.
Just like its name, this ingenious mini mincer
helps in mincing meat, fish, vegetables, nuts,
beans & dried Scallops instantly!
A small size meat mincer built on a sturdy vacuum
base, comes with a fine mincer blade and a pusher.
All components can be easily disassembled for
cleaning. This home mincer from Go Groups allows
you to make your own mince from quality meat,
ensuring that your food is healthy and tastes
Suggested Food for the Mini Mincer:

Meat (e.g beef, chicken & ham).
Fish (i.e without bones).
Vegetables (i.e with meat together).
Nuts (e.g peanuts & walnut).
Dried scallop.

Special power lock
Easy to assemble and operate
Easy to clean
Convenient to use


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