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Monday, March 9, 2015

V BRA Push up Invisible Bra

V BRA Push up Invisible Bra

Washing and Maintenance
First time use do not need to wash if it is not dirty. If sweating, use clean water to wash, after dry the stickiness will recover.
If quite dirty, use warm water and very few of shower gel, spread evenly or spray on the sticky surface.
Do not use nails when washing, It'll break the stick surface.
After washing, get rid of excess water, dry it in the shade (don't exposed to the sun), away from dust.
Make sure the bra 100% dry before you put the Dustproof film.

Price List:
BeigeD Size0.070RM 39.90YES
BeigeA size0.070RM 39.90YES
BeigeB Size0.070RM 39.90YES
BeigeC Size0.070RM 39.90YES
BlackD Size0.070RM 39.90YES
BlackA size0.070RM 39.90YES
BlackB Size0.070RM 39.90YES
BlackC Size0.070RM 39.90YES

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